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Artist and jewelry designer Oliva Montesi commenced her journey in the field of design at IED Milan, before collaborating with the esteemed Danish silversmith brand, George Jensen. 

A key period in Oliva Montesi's professional development was between 1987 and 1989, during which she attended the AG Fronzoni studio with the renowned architect & designer. This experience deeply influenced her work, instilling a distinctive simplicity and emphasis on geometry and elegance that continue to be evident in her creations.

In a significant career move in 2011, she transitioned to England for training in art therapy, enriching her understanding of human emotion and its application in art.

Oliva's oil paintings debuted at The Chelsea Art Fair, London, in 2013, marking her introduction into the international art scene. The following year, her work was showcased at a solo exhibition in Byard Art Gallery, Cambridge, and subsequently at the Affordable Art Fair in London.

Responding to global events with artistic activism, Oliva produced a series of oil paintings featuring Tibetan mandala art in 2015. These were auctioned online as a contribution to support victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Oliva's artistic exploration led her to Lisbon in 2016. Intrigued by the role of natural light in her painting process, she established an art studio in the LX Factory, a vibrant creative hub.

Currently, Oliva operates out of Milan, maintaining her commitment to creating exclusive, high-end jewelry and art. Her journey, reflecting diverse influences and a distinct style, showcases her capacity to consistently evolve and innovate within her practice.

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